Canadian Maple Leaf 150 Year Celebration Wall Mount Red and White 8x10 Picture Frame with double maple leafs Black moulding

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Part Number:ML2810
  • Custom Picture Frame :All mats have beveled edges and come with mounting and hanging systems
  • Easy Access:Frame has easy access from back for changing photos
  • Wood Frame:Black wood texured frame
  • Matting:Holds 8x10 photo and includes double silhouette red maple leaf
Overall size 14.5x17.5 wall mount picture frame fits an 8x10 photo. Custom picture frame includes a red white mat with 2 cut outs of a Maple Leaf which includes beveled edges one in each corner. NO DIE CUTTING! Wall unit hangs either vertical or horizontal Black wood textured frame has easy access from back for attaching your photo. Included is photo mount board, photo hinging tape, glass front and wall hanging system.

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